Preventive Cleanings & Dental Hygiene Care Save You Money!

Dental hygiene care is important and receiving regular preventive cleanings is essential for staying ahead of dental and mouth conditions. Visit Heritage Dental for your preventive cleaning needs!

What are preventive cleanings?

A preventive cleaning is a simple dental service that patients are recommended to receive on a regular basis and scheduled based on your individual needs. These cleanings help to prevent potential damage, decay, and disease.

What are preventive cleanings?

A typical cleaning may include:

  • Removal of plaque or tartar on the teeth and gums
  • Removal of stains and minor discolouration
  • Application of fluoride, sealants, or other protective solutions
  • Polishing of the teeth
  • Examination of potential issues, such as cavities or fillings in need of upkeep
  • Measuring your gum pocket depth to track the progression of gum disease over time.

How often should you get preventive cleanings?

To prevent gum disease, dental decay, and other serious issues, it is essential to get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

You should receive a preventive cleaning a minimum of once annually, although ideally you should be getting cleanings every six months. For some people, we will recommend more frequent cleanings, such as in the case of gum disease.

Benefits of regular cleanings

  • Your teeth stay clean and looking good
  • Your dental hygienist is able to assess potential issues and look for signs of more serious conditions, such as gingivitis or cavities
  • Your teeth are better protected from plaque buildup and tooth decay.

Tips for keeping up with dental hygiene at home

As long as you are brushing properly and flossing regularly, your dental hygiene should stay in good shape. Limiting acidic and dyed foods is also helpful – and don’t forget to brush your tongue!

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