Teeth Sealants Protect Smiles Of All Ages

Damage to your teeth can affect your overall oral and dental health – but with teeth sealants, you can prevent damage before it happens! Heritage Dental offers quality teeth sealants to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

What are teeth sealants?

Teeth sealants are a protective coating made from a thin resin material. They are used for covering vulnerable areas of the teeth to prevent decay, discolouration, and damage.

By coating the teeth with a sealant, dentists provide you with a protective layer that is easy to clean and long-lasting. There are two main kinds of teeth sealants:

  • Clear: Clear sealants have a gloss like appearance that becomes matte after application.
  • Tinted: Tinted sealants can come in a variety of colours that match the natural colour of teeth.

At Heritage Dental, we are committed to providing you with top quality sealants that protect against cavities and other potentially serious types of damage.

How often should you receive teeth sealants?

In general, teeth sealants are typically used on the teeth of children and teenagers. This is because the teeth are in their most vulnerable state as they develop during childhood.

However, teeth sealants can also be used for adults – especially adults who are prone to decay or are suffering with mobility or other issues that prevents them from cleaning their teeth properly.

As for how often to receive teeth sealants, good quality sealants can actually last for upwards of a decade. In some cases, sealants may need to be replaced after several years due to wear and tear that effects their ability to protect your teeth.

Chewing ice, acidic foods, or particularly hard foods like rock candy can all pose potential threats to the durability of teeth sealants.

Benefits of teeth sealants

The main benefits of teeth sealants are that they are long lasting, durable, and highly effective at protecting your teeth!

Heritage Dental services families in Carleton Place and the surrounding communities of Smiths Falls, Perth, and Almonte. For more information on teeth sealants, contact us today to request an appointment!